Because we feel concern by our surrounding and the environmental respect, SEV has created a new means of transport using environmentally friendly propulsion technologies, eco-designed, quiet and non-polluting, recyclable to 90%.

The everyday travels; and mainly thee short distance travels between 2 and 10 Km are becoming a really nightmare for people. Using a two-wheel could be a efficient solution to this problem.

In a difficult economic environment, buying a versatile product permit daily save of money and gives in the same time a real solution to our travel issues. Linking different uses; doing everyday travels, using as a leisure product, making sport, and feeling free all in one product. eTRICKS make it possible by joining the stenghtd of two means of locomotion that have already been proven : the mountain biking and the motorcycling.

The bike for the economical aspect, the simplicity of use, quietness, and lightness.

And motorbike that allows faster travels through the road traffic, freedom and pleasure.

The expertise of SEV makes the eTRICKS the more reliable product in the electrical market.

A motor specifically developed with a using autonomy of 1 million kilometres, a efficient and reliable battery, robust mechanical component inspired by the better mountain bike component. All the element who composed the eTRICKS were chose for their strength and durability what is increasing the quality of this product.

eTRICKS range


eTRICKS evolution range


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